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    Chinese Food

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    In a country where the traditional way to greet someone translates to 'have you eaten yet?', be rest assured, the food will be extraordinary. China has the most popular culinary heritage in the world. The history of their cuisine dates back to about 1000 years with varied cooking styles, techniques, and ingredients. Each Chinese food focuses on creating a balance between three aspects - appearance, aroma, and taste. They pay a lot of attention to the aesthetic appearance of the food with diversified colors. Sauces and seasonings like fish sauce, five-spice powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, root garlic, fresh ginger, and others are used generously to offer a complex play of flavor and aroma. There are few things more satisfying on a boring weekend than ordering Chinese takeout. But it's not that hard as you think, you can totally make it yourself! Reference our recipes, and take your first step!
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